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Inner Journey Begins

Resources to Nurture Your Intuition and Personal Growth

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I'm a certified life coach and author of the popular shadow work and intuition workbooks. I've been passionate about self-reflection and intuitive development since I was a child, using writing as a way to journey within. After going through my own transformative growth, I felt called to create interactive resources to make inner exploration more accessible. My workbooks integrate Jungian shadow work, mindfulness, dreamwork and other intuitive practices. I hope to empower others to tap into their subconscious wisdom and manifest their highest potential. When I'm not writing, you can often find me traveling with my wolf dog, immersed in the beauty of nature. I love escaping to the woods, water and sailing as much as possible. I live an intuitive life staying open to signs from the natural world. I'm currently working on my next workbook focused on self-love while soaking up inspiration from the forests and oceans.